I can offer the following lectures for guilds, groups and colleges.






I am now taking bookings for my new lecture for Spring 2016 onwards.

'Topsy Turvy'

Inspired by the Stories of Alice in Wonderland.

Costumes, wall hangings, sketch books and a little bit more!






 The Anne Boleyn Collection

A collection of costume\wearable art, inspired by the mysterious and enigmatic figure of Anne Boleyn. The collection currently consists of ten pieces of wearable art, utilising mixed media, felt making techniques and free machine embroidery. The lecture covers the theoretical and practical side of its creation. The costumes will be brought to the lecture. Featured in Echoes, Workbox and Australian Fibres Magazine.




Water, Snow and Ice

A collection of costume/wearable art and interior design wall hangings. Initially created for the Charles Henry Foyle Award for Stitched Textiles, and later developed for the Madeira Show Catwalk, the collection of costume and wall hangings is inspired by the weather and the Pennine Landscape. Various felting and machine embroidery techniques are explored. The work will be brought to the lecture. Featured in Echoes, Workbox and Australian Fibres.





This collection currently consists of nine costumes/wearable art. It is inspired by the idea of transformation, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing and is partly inspired by fairies. It utilises, felt making techniques, silk papers, free machine embroidery, heat fused fabrics and other mixed media. The costumes will be brought along to the lecture. 



 The Haunting Re-visited

Some years ago, I created a collection of wearable art entitled 'The Haunting'.  I only delivered a couple of lectures on this collection before I decided to remove it from the circuit.  It wasn't that I didn't like the work, I love it!  It was more to do with the fact that I wanted to expand and develop my work in a different way.  Featured in Workbox Magazine and Echoes Journal, it is inspired initially by Anne Boleyn, it also touches on issues relating to loss. It consists of a number of pieces of wearable art and wall hangings utilising free machine embroidery, nuno felt and hand made papers. So, now,  with a few additions and a few subtractions, 'The Haunting'  reappears once more!  



New Lecture for 2014 

The Val Hughes Collections

A Retrospective


 Val's main collections of wearable art and interior design wall hangings have been subject to numerous lectures, workshops and exhibitions since year 2000.

In this retrospective lecture, Val talks about her individual collections, their links and how they have changed and evolved during their life time so far.

Val will bring pieces of work from 'The Anne Boleyn Collection',  'Nightcrow',  'The Haunting',  'Water, Snow and Ice and 'The Elizabeth Woodville Collection'.  In addition Val will bring with her a selection of  sketch books, notes and initial ideas.  

Val also  introduces her forthcoming book, commissioned by Search Press, due out in early 2015.



Also....................for schools and colleges

 Making Business and Work Related Sense Of Your Learning and Study Years

This is a talk centred on my journey through the art and creative field.  It is designed to help young people begin to make meaningful connections between their art/creativity and the real world of business that lies ahead.  I will bring a selection of wearable art, sketchbooks and other visual aids.

We will cover the following aspects:-

*  Inspiration 

*  Influences

*  My course of study 

*  Creating support and networking opportunities

* Getting lucky' and 'making things happen' 

*  Marketing and Development

*  Professional Development, taking things further 

*  Questions and Answers 

It is a lively and informative, participatory experience for all concerned. 

Contact me for further details on val_hughes@live.co.uk