I am a recommended tutor for the Embroiderers Guild and the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.  The following workshops are offered and can cater for large or small groups, for guilds and groups as well as schools, museums and community arts for example. 

It is not designed to be an exhaustive list and I welcome proposals and ideas  where we can tailor the workshop to suit the requirements of individual groups. So do please get in touch.


Creative Textiles - an explorative day experimenting with different techniques and surface pattern.  We will look at overlaying, distressing and fusing fabrics with Bondaweb.  Embellishments of hand and free machine embroidery will be utilised including use of block printing. Painting and dying fabrics will be explored including the use of puff paints. This workshop can be extended to a two day workshop or summer school which will also include screen printing and stitch. Themes can be explored such as wildlife, architecture, ancient cultures, figurative and sea and coastal.

Black on White - using straight stitch and free machine embroidery, create interesting pictures using black thread on calico.  Simple but very effective.  Themes can be explored such as architecture, ancient cultures, landscapes, seasapes and figurative.


 Work created by a student on one of my previous workshops.


Printing onto  hand made felt or cotton fabric using block printing and screen printing methods

This workshop explores the use of block printing and and screen printing on hand made felt or cotton fabric. This is a full or half day experimental workshop where participants encouraged to experiment.




Create a picture collage using fabric overlay technques, fabric dyes and screen printing

Spend a super day creating a picture collage.  We will firstly explore different fabrics including cotton, muslin, and chiffon.  We will dye some of our fabrics, distress, overlay and stitch by hand.  we will also screen print imagery such as butterflies, dragon flies,bees and seed pods.  The result will be a gorgeous, completed picture that can be mounted or framed.



Creating Hand Made Papers using silk cocoon strippings followed by print making

This is a full days workshop where we create our own hand made papers using gummy silk cocoon strippings and other embellishments.  The morning is followed by printing on to our papers with block printing or by screen printing.

  Hand Made Silk Papers inspired by Gustav Klimt

This workshop begins with a short introduction about the works of Gustav Klimt.  Taking inspiration from his murals in the Art Nouveau style we go on to create hand made papers using gummy silk cocoons and also learn a quick way of creating mulberry silk paper.  Embellishment including transfer foils, metallic crayons and image transfer are incorporated together with experimental sponge printing.


Create a hand made tea light/LED light holder from your own hand made papers created using Silk coocon strippings.

Make a lovely centre piece for your home.  Firstly we will create hand made papers incorporating skeletal leaves and/or lace.  These papers will cover glass vessels where a tea light can be placed or LED lights can be used  to create a unique lighting feature.


Expolore the ancient method of wax batik

An exciting  half day workshop,  working on cotton fabric using the ancient method of wax batik. Firstly apply heated wax to cotton fabric using specialist tjantings and then overlay and create extra pattern using specialist batik inks. You will go away with a fabulous selection of fabrics that can be developed further using stitch.  



 Handrolled Felt including the use of different fibres

Explore colour and texture, learning how to create various samples of handmade felt, utilising different kinds of wool fibres, bamboo, silk, banana fibre, curly wools, nepps, threads, knitting wool, etc.  This is a full or half day explorative workshop.


Felt inspired by Archaeology

Over the years I have developed a keen interest in Archaeology.  This workshop begins with a brief look at ancient drawings, patterns and designs including cup and ring marks and ancient cave art. We then go on to make hand rolled felt pieces inspired by this imagery.  This is a one day workshop which, if desired, can be developed by hand embroidery or free machine embroidery or needle felting, delivered over two days. 


  Painting Flowers or a Vase of Flowers using Wool Tops and Pre-felts

During this workshop we will explore the possibilites of mixing loose fibres and pre-felts to create a 'felted painting'.  Through cutting and laying you will build up a felted design that can be later needle felted or embroidered.  The incopration of mulberry silks and nepps can also be included. The starting point for this workshop will be a sketch, post card, clipping or photograph.

 Create a landscape fibre painting using felt making techniques

During this  workshop we look at imagery of landscape, this could be your own local landscape.  Inspired by our imagery we then go on to create a fibre art picture using wool fibres and the wet felting technique. The work can be developed further by needle felting or free machine embroidery or hand embroidery.

   Hand Felted Hat

 Create a super hat, perfect for the winter or as a gift.  Use merino wool and a resist to make a unique hat that is warm, not itchy and breathable. 



Cobweb Felted Tea Light/LED Light Cover

Learn how to create a wonderful home centre piece lighting feature using natural wool, lace and other embellishment.

 Hand Felted and Embroidered Note Book Cover

The day will be spent making hand rolled felt which can also be hand stitched, machine embroidered or printed onto.  Once we have done this we will turn our felt into a lovely note book cover.  Perfect as a gift for someone special!

 Hand Felted Bag

Create a unique hand bag using natural wool fibres with flower embellishment.  Gorgeous!




Experimental Nuno Felting

 Learn how to apply merino wool fibres to open weave cloth including silk chiffon, cotton muslin and cotton scrim cloth.  Explore different layout techniques and numerous ways to create different textures.

 Nuno Felted Wall Hanging or Scarf/Wrap

Simply spend the day creating a gorgeous nuno felted wall hanging, scarf or wrap.